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Hi! I’m Rosita (Sita) and my actual ‘title’ and what I do have become pretty extensive as I keep finding things that speak to me.  So far, in this life, I am a Digital Media Graphic Designer, Writer, Craft + Lifestyle Blogger, Spiritual (non-religious) Blogger, Intrinsic Life Mentor, Intuitive Guide, … and the list goes on.

I recently obtained my certificate and I am now a Certified Master Life Coach by which I have started a career in Counseling. My current areas of studying are Neuro-Linguistics, Psychology, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (more in the navigation menu on the right).  I love culture, understanding our society, the inner workings of the mind, why people are the way they are and what aids in the manner of their approach to survival, accomplishing goals, and living life in general.

Being a creator and influencer is a passion just as much as it is my purpose. I take great pride in my work from my Digital Media small business, The Looperie Paperie™, to freelance creative writing and all in between.  I do a little bit of everything and I love every second of it.

Right now I’m based in Texas, with the idea of moving to some spectacular place that feeds my creativity.  I just haven’t found that place yet. I am the Chief Editor of Spiritual Empowered Living (SEL) Magazine, a digital zine aimed to teach others how to live purposefully and be their authentic self. I write the majority of the articles, but also accept guest post submissions from time to time. I create all layouts and I self-publish. In congruence with the SEL eMag, I am also a spiritual empowerment blogger.

Spiritual Empowered Living™ was created to be an educational resource for individuals on a personal spiritual journey. It was created to be used as a source to help learn the nature of the Divine and understand the changes taking place in our lives due to our awakening. It is a guide to discovering your soul’s gifts, talents, and purpose in this life, teaching you self-love, unconditional love, mindfulness, and how to find growth opportunities in situations that are not so easy to cope with. {See my mission statement & FB Page.}

You can also find me at The Loopy Paper Geek™, my personal blog of random thoughts, motherhood, life, love, and how to cope with anxiety and depression.

WHELMS Sisterhood Society (12)I am also the Founder of a non-profit organization, WHELMS Sisterhood Society™ (Women, Honoring, Encouraging, Lifting, and Motivating, each other Spiritually), advocating women’s empowerment. In a world where most women see the only way to get to the top is to trample over other women striving for the same. The space of WHELMS was created to provide women who know that we need to love and support each other for not only survival but for our individual well-being.

*Takes deep breathe* and that, for now, is all she wrote. ❤