Self Expression Saturday: Free Fonts!

I love self-expression and the freedom it brings others when they have the confidence to express themselves through spoken or written words, art, or by bringing awareness to important causes. I believe it is another reason why I love to create digital works and fonts for artists to use in their creations. Nothing brings me more joy than receiving a picture of an item someone created with the tools I created.

To kick off my first Self-Expression Saturday here are two free (reg. $5.95 in my shop) fonts just for my readers:

Download Alexandria and Kimora.

You can find more of my fonts in my Etsy shop.

As time permits, I will also list all of my free and paid fonts in my portfolio.

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P.S. ALL fonts are created for personal and commercial use (in collaboration with your own designs). No Commercial License needed. YAY!

Who doesn’t love free marketing? If you have created something with any of my fonts or design tools and sell your own work, share pics with me. I love seeing the work created by other designers in collaboration with my own. I will occasionally post them here on my blog and social media (with your permission of course) with links to your shop.

Want to return the favor? Just give The Loopy Paper Geek credit somewhere on your post, listing, or blog pages. That’s good karma, right? Just copy this line:

The Loopy Paper Geek Blog | |

and include whether it is a font, papers, journaling cards, etc. 🙂
Thank you! <3

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