A Patch of Blue

“Kiss me Gordon …”

As I sit here pecking away at my laptop with an old black and white western playing in the background, I thought about how much I adore old movies and shows far before my time.  My Saturdays are almost ritualistic, as are my Sundays.  I wake up, ‘stretch my mind’ with some nature provided assistance and turn on an old movie or tv show with just enough volume to barely hear as to not create too much of a distraction in addition to my occasional glances at the screen. After the mood is set, I curl up with pillows and my favorite throw (a cardigan being the only substitute I’d entertain as an acceptable replacement) and get to work on my various projects and creative endeavors. Sundays, however, began just the same, yet are documentary days filled with the History Channel, Gaia, or something of that nature, with a break here and there to read a little bit further through the three books I’m reading at the same time.

I, for some reason, just realized this is something I do and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t analyze why, now after years of this weekend routine, am I suddenly becoming so aware of it.  Maybe it is not the acts themselves, but more a realization of how self-aware I am becoming.

Thinking of my subconscious habits led me to remember, A Patch of Blue (1965), an amazing film that sadly depicts life today as some know all too well. For those of you that just want a simple run down of the movie vs. seeing it and having your own take, it is about a blind young white woman who falls in love with a black man and he with her. After so many years, a person would think this old film wouldn’t deliver as powerful of a message as it does, but if your eyes are truly open, you’ll see that it does.

The first interracial movie couple to be filmed kissing.

I don’t think that anyone is a stranger to interracial relationships, if only just seeing a couple from a distance. We have so many people today that believe wholeheartedly that this is not something that should be welcomed, even today.  A Patch of Blue holds everything true from today just as much as it holds everything that is true from so very many years ago.

I adore this movie for the truth and also the irony that ‘love is blind’. Considering the times, I think everyone (if you can get past the black and white of it, literally so and not) would benefit greatly from seeing this film, one of those rare gems … a true classic, that will really put some things into perspective about the world we live in now.

There is friendship, love, hatred, and pain.  You’ll meet Gordon (Sidney Poitier), soft-voiced, kind, and patient considering what love would like for him and Selina (Elizabeth Hartman). Then you’ll meet Rose-Ann (Shelly Winters), who is absolutely the most horrid person.  She, however, was just a role in a movie.  We all know people, by personal experience or through another’s experience that reeks of hatred just as Rose-Ann did.


Several things make this movie beautiful regardless of the hatred displayed. Their kiss was quite amazing being that you could just feel the love from it. All of their feelings for each other finally becoming real in the form of a kiss. It was something you’d have to see yourself.  A description of it won’t do it justice.


No other word fits.  It’s not a movie you’ll forget.  There is so much depth and meaningfulness that forgetting it would be impossible.

I won’t give away the ending.

Screen Shot 2012-08-05 at 10.54.18 AM

Just the thought of this movie begs several questions.  Have we really (be honest) moved into a better time? What has actually changed if anything? Will we ever be able to just be and accept one another in love more for the soul inside of the vessel or will we continue to be so concerned with the “costume” we are in for the time being?

I have the curse of being hopeful. I’ll let it burn until it fizzles on its own, without someone else’s perspective or heeded warnings. I don’t know if I’ll ever see it from the eyes I have now, but I know mankind will one day be better. Do you?

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