Constructive Lazism

It's Okay to Rest

Today, it has been a week since I quit my job.  I turned in my immediate resignation and walked away from an 8 yr career.  A very stressful, anxiety inducing, horrid place. It was equally the workplace area as well as the type of career.  Being a 911/Police/Fire dispatcher is not for the faint at heart and a lot of fellow dispatchers have experienced burnout anywhere between the 8-10 year mark. Most don’t listen to the burnout and continue on, I, however, got the memo and hauled ass.

 Since leaving, I feel like I can sleep straight through until the end of August.  I’ve been so tired lately and that’s a big sign that I need a “me” day.  More than a “me” day … a “me” year. That job drained a lot of life from me, but no sense dwelling on it.  It served its purpose in my life and now that door has been slammed closed and locked with the key thrown to the farthest corner of the world.

I promise myself time and time again that I will rest and relax, but I lie to myself regularly.  I always end up running around taking care of something or someone and leaving myself neglected.

But, I AM TIRED! Just completely exhausted and it’s time for me to get back focused on me.  If you don’t nurture yourself, who will?

So, the plan? To be lazy as hell with no apologies. If I want to sleep longer, I will.  If I want to laze around all day watching cartoons, I will.  If I want to live in my pajamas, zone out, with my hands in one of my creative ventures, I WILL. I’m going to be lazy when I feel like it.  I’ll call it ‘constructive lazism’ because it’s much-needed to rid myself of all this left over ex-job energy I’m just not vibing with, to get back focused on my blog and other things that matter most to me.

Now, on to the rest of my day.  I have a ton of things to do like being lazy, being extra lazy, and being a lazy daisy.  I won’t bore you with the rest.

This day is not going to be lazy by itself.

– LPGeek✌


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