“Too Fast” is an Understatement

I thought it was hard when my oldest son turned thirteen last year, but fourteen, this year, is even worse.  I keep randomly crying like a big baby.  I seriously need to get a hold of myself. Every time I look at him, standing there, taller than me, I start tearing up.  It just seems like it was a few months ago that he was crawling after me down the hall, laughing, with his pacifier in his mouth.  It seems like if I breathe in hard enough I can still smell his head full of soft curls.  Oh, how I miss my wittle baby, but I am so proud of the young man he is becoming.  He brings home A’s and B’s, helps around the house (without having to be asked), and I can’t make a sound without him being right there asking if I am ok.  All I can think about is in two yrs, he’ll be sixteen. In four, he’ll be eighteen.

3 baby owls

They grow up too fast.  They grow up faster than too fast …

The cell phone I got him for his special day proves it.  Yes, say it if you want.  I am one of those moms.  Look, times have changed and since there is technology today that helps me keep a better eye on my child then I’m going to use it. So cell phone he gets.  Of course, I’ll be all up and through his business.  I said I bought him a phone … I didn’t say I was throwing him to the wolves.  I love the idea of my child having a cell phone.  If he needs me he can call me immediately if something goes wrong.  We can set up family check-ins, I can know where he is at all times, see who he interacts with, and who interacts with him.  People can say all they want about kids shouldn’t have cell phones … Ok, before this turns into a rant, I’ll stop here.

Back to kids, growing up fast, sadness, tears …

Thinking about my baby and how the days have flown by, inspired the freebie below.  I think I’m going to do the months of the year too, later this month.

Geometric Days of the Week Journaling Cards Collage 1

Geometric Days of the Week Journaling Cards Collage 2

(Cards measure approx. 3 x 4″ in.)

Geometric Days of the Week Journaling Cards

(The link above is for PDF images. For more download options click here.)

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